Front caliper Trial


▪ Left hand Trial fixed axial 4p monoblock caliper

▪ Construction. Gravity die cast aluminum alloy body with forged caps. Pads are supported by one steel pin and a clip.

▪ Lightweigt hard anodized aluminum pistons with rectified outter diameter. Improved EPDM seals.

▪ To be used with DOT 4 brake fluid.


Technical characteristics

Operating fluid DOT 4
Piston No & Size 4 opposed x Ø25
MAX working pressure 70 bar
MAX disc Ø 185mm
Fixation / Offset M8x1,25 / 19mm
Disc position 0,5 mm
Pad surface ( 1 Pad) 12,5 cm3
Weight TBD
Hydraulic port M8x1
Finishing & Configuration
P/N Assembly Brake Pads Body colour Bolt colour
365043MO0 GALFER 1805GF Grey matte Grey Zn Ni
Spart parts
P/N Assembly Brake Pads Piston KIT Banjo & Bleeder
All 186.00.316C 160.00.125C 326003MO0