Die cast axial hand master cylinder D11x20mm

Die cast axial hand master cylinder D11x20mm


  • 85GP & Moto 4
  • Custom made kids motorcycles

Main features

  • Compact body design for a good compatibility with small handlebars and fairings
  • Pressure point adjustment with tools
  • Clamp for Ø22,2mm handlebar, with mirror attachment
  • Forged leer for high resistance and clean breakage
  • Race drilled bolts
  • Auto lubricated EPDM seals for a smooth actuation
  • To be used with DOT 4 or DOT 5.1 race brake fluid



  • Easy and simple installation
  • Great durability
  • Low maintenance
  • Excellent Quality-Price

For distributor

  • Easy to install
  • Very Interesting Margin for Distributor
  • Permanent stock
  • Excellent Economy-Price

Argument for the consumer

  • Great braking efficiency
  • Adaptable to customer’s feeling
  • Brand in Moto GP, SBK, Trial, Enduro
BODY DIE CAST ALUMINIUM ALLOY Forged clamp, cap and lever

SUPER COMPACT DESIGN For small fairings

ALUMINIUM PISTON Ø11mm hard anodized series 6 alloy

LUBRICATED SEAL DESIGN For a superb smooth actuation


-Axial hand master cylinder with integratd reservoir. Piston size Ø11mm

-Construction. Die cast aluminium alloy body with titanium glossy anodizing. Forged lever and CNC cap. Hard anodized aluminium alloy components. Clamp with easy attachment design

-Lever with low-friction bushings for long durability

-Pressure point can be adjusted with tools