▪ Rear master cylinder with remote rectangular or round reservoir. Lightweigt hard anodized aluminum piston.

▪ Construction. Gravity die cast aluminum alloy body and pressure die cast polyamide pipe.

▪ Interaxis 49mm with threaded M6 or M8 or trough holes.

▪ Pipe fitting can be turned 360º to the required position.

▪ To be used with DOT 4 brake fluid.


▪ Matte balck body anodic oxidation.

▪ Matte body anodic oxidation: black or grey


Technical caracteristiques


 Piston diameter:  Ø11-12-12,7-14mm
Dead piston travel 1,5±0,5mm

Reservoir volume 19cm3
Weight tbc

Mount position Body Colour Reservoir shape Reservoir finishing Hose length Piston and push rod clearence Pushrod
Vertical See finishing Round or square Translucent grey or white PA6 custom 0,5mm None