China sends a positive message after COVID-19

China sends a positive message after COVID-19

Juan China lived a very complicated start to the year when the COVID-19 forced all its employees to self-quarantine. Gradually the activity was re-established in mid-February, with severe health security measures (still being maintained) to reach full production by the end of March.

The return to activity represented a great uptick in the Chinese market, which placed orders for 120% of historical monthly production, including the additional production of customers that could be affected by the government interruption of activity in Barcelona.

The current outlook, with respect to 2020, makes it more optimistic than at the end of February and allows us to be optimistic that the objectives set by the team of Jaume Rosines, Its CEO, will be able to be met despite this unprecedented time that has been a problem for the entire motorcycle sector.

Back to competition

Back to competition


July has become the first month of the year… to compete. Following the emergence of the COVID pandemic, this has been the month of renting motorcycle and Side by Side tests where J. Juan has reaped spectacular successes.

The month began with the first two FIM CEV races, where J. Juan equips most Moto3 and Talent Cup bikes. In superbike training, Jonathan Rea and Ana Carrasco tried to conquer their respective world championships in their Kawasaki bikes with J. Juan as a badge.

Furthermore, we have the return of GP motorcycles, with an active presence in Real Avintia (MotoGP), Onexox (Moto2) and in several Moto3. We also have the Asian Championships where J. Juan made a full podium on July 17 in Malaysia.

The Side by Sides are also returning to form. Despite the suspension of two top tier events, the Lower Aragon (Spain) and the Silk Way Rally (Russia), more than 40 competitions will have taken place in the United States by the end of August.

The competition is back, and J. Juan is back there getting wins.

J.Juan appoints Alessio Caputo as new Business Development Director

J.Juan appoints Alessio Caputo as new Business Development Director

As a further step in supporting the growth and consolidation of the Company, J. Juan has incorporated Alessio Caputo in the role of Business Development Director; his contribution will be to support the market growth strategy of J. Juan in Hydraulic hoses, Braking Systems and Electronics.

Alessio has a deep knowledge of the global 2W and powersport market maturated as Business Development Director first and CEO later in Triom (later VLS) in Europe, USA, India, Vietnam and Japan. Under his leadership, Triom Vietnam Co. Ltd was established in Hanoi, Vietnam, to supply Asian customers with two-wheeled vehicle system solutions and finishes for limited edition vehicles. He led the integration of the company’s new business in India by offering technical, logistic, and distribution support and was charged with consolidating the international growth of the company.

He is joining a team of motivated and skilled professionals with massive presence in global 2W and powersports. His contribution as an executive with a lot of important background in these areas will surely result in an increase of market share and win customer loyalty.



J.Juan brake systems are acquiring great prestige worldwide. You may think that it is anexaggeration of the marketing or commercial team, but our systems have won in the competitions where they have been present. Be it speed, off road, two or four wheels. Sounds like an over exaggeration but it’s a reality, and a direct result f the hard work of everyone in the J.Juan Group.


Speedies to the Podium


If we look in the field of speed, J.Juan has been proclaimed champion in Italy, France, Portugal and Spain in Moto3, monodisk, and Premoto3. He has also won in the European (FIM-CEV) motorcycle 3 and in the Talent Cup, and we have done so in multiple ways by equipping different brands such as Honda, BeOn, RMU, KTM or MIR.

Many will tell us that in Moto3 of the World Cup we have not been successful. This is false! In the World Cup we cannot equip our double disc front system because our engineering team considers that it is not in the proper development phase to win races, but the riders who have used our Thumbrake have climbed, continuously, to the top of the competition. This is the case with Aaron Canet, and, it seems that next season will bring very positive news about our thumb brake in all categories, even in MotoGP.

Also, in Moto2 of the World Cup we have had a breakthrough. This season has been equipped by Stop and Go, a team that in previous seasons struggled to score. In this season, they hav achieved 2 pole position and they have climbed twice to the podium! We already foresee them competing for first place with Alex Márquez next year.


Another World Championship to Rea

As for Superbikes … More incredible news! Jonathan Rea has broken a historical record by winning the World Cup for an amazing fifth time! Few know that Kawasaki had never won in this category until the Roda brothers (Guim and Biel) took control and equipped, in passing, J.Juan hydraulic tube systems. In seven seasons, they have won 6 world titles.

Ana Carrasco, on the other hand, has not been able to conquer the World Cup due to two inopportune falls that have relegated her to third place, but the future is exciting for her! We are convinced that this is just the beginning of a promising career for this future Murcia lawyer of just 22 years.

In Trial, what am I going to tell you…!

On Off Road, we have revived a classic: Braktec sweeps the trial. More surprising news would be that one day some motorcycle without our product would reach the podium of GPTrial, or the Junior World Cup, or the World Cup. With this it is seven years (2012-2019) that Braktec is owner and sits atop the throne. Thanks also must go to the pilots Bou, Raga and Emma Bristow.


The Enduro Came, Saw and Conquered

The novelty, yes, has been the Motocross. The new system designed by Braktec was released in 2019 undergoing training only for the Spanish Championship. The idea was to test the product on this stage. The test has become the achievement of the competition with Jezyk. In addition, the pilots have competed in only some tests of the European competitions that has already earned them a fourth-place finish.

As if that were not enough, the Spanish team of the Six Days of Enduro tested the brakes that had just been produced, and the result was that the captain of the national team, Ivan Cervantes, a “nobody” who has only won 5 World Cups, gave them a 9.5 out of 10 on average.


Absolute Kings of Side by Side

If we look in the field of four wheels, “for now” we only compete in the Side x Side category. And I say “just” because some car teams may be on the horizon….

In SxS we have swept. It is almost identical to that of Braktec in Trial. All competitions where a vehicle carried brakes produced in Sant Cugat have won with J.Juan systems. There is more. Famous pilots like Toby Price, Nasser Al-Attiyah, Nani Roma or Heinz Kimigarden have rated the performance of our systems through the clouds.

Let’s savor the joys of this 2019 with great satisfaction. These successes are not easy for us (you know well). Similar to the complications of production, competing is very difficult. Not only are we competing, but we are winning! Let us enjoy the successes and continue to strive for improvement to repeat them in the coming years.



Continuing with its strategy to introduce new X-series models (XPulse 200 in 2017 and XPulse 200T in 2018) at EICMA, Hero unveiled a new motorcycle concept, the “Xtreme 1.R” equipped with J.Juan front caliper. The new Hero 1.R Concept gives an outlook of ​​the future of the brand’s premium motorcycle range.

The new Xtreme 1.R Concept is a segment product of Naked Roadster. The aggressive style of the conceptual vehicle is complemented by premium specifications, such as J.Juan brake, inverted forks on the front, a mono shock on the back, Arrow exhaust, carbon fiber lever protectors, adjustable levers and brakes petal type disc on both wheels. and much more. The conceptual vehicle also featured a full LED headlight and a camera on the back.

The extensions of the fuel tank, the engine hood and a very exclusive rear panel give the motorcycle a very attractive appearance. It looks like a racing motorcycle.

Xtreme 1.R looks at the next generation of the Xtreme range.