During the weekend of 11 and 12 of June, the second round of the Kawasaki Z800 Cup FIM CEV has been raced. It is a mono-brand cup sponsored by J·Juan, where all Kawasaki bikes competing have been equipped by the Spanish hoses. This is the fourth consecutive year for this mono-brand championship where riders compete with Kawasaki Z800, one of the most soldest bike on the Spanish markert in 2015. This is another important step in the FIM CEV : Superbike, Moto2, Moto3 and Z Cup. A cup having an absolute success among public and attending riders, and where J·Juan keeps a decisive role providing metal hoses for competition equipping all the bikes competing.

I give you a ride?
Kawasaki has given the opportunity to all spectators of the FIM CEV Montmeló (11-12 June) to walk around the uploaded as a companion to an official pilot Z800 Cup circuit. An experience mixing fun and vertiginous at the same time, useful to demonstrate how small and strict can be a circuit when you open the throttle on a Kawa. Wow! It has been a great initiative.

The Z800 Cup is a mono-brand competition. J·Juan is both the competition sponsor and the exclusive supplier of hydraulic hoses equipping the motorcycles.