An extraordinary 2017 will attend the Spanish group, facing new important challenges and with the purpose to double its turnover in the next three years.

José Luis Juan, nuevo CEO


Gavá (Barcelona), March 2nd 2017 – The younger brother of the Juan family faces the challenge of creating a corporate structure for the management growth of the second European brake systems manufacturer and world leading group in meshed hydraulic hoses, which will double its turnover in the next three years. José Luis Juan will be supported by the historical Mª Angeles and Carlos Juan, who will both cover the position of Vice-President.

José Luis Juan, 45 years old, is graduated in Physics and Electronic Superior Engineering at the University of Barcelona, and ​​holds a master’s degree in ADE by ESADE and another in networks and telecommunications by La Salle. The younger brother of the second generation of the Juan family, had responsibilities at IBM, La Caixa and Accenture before his return in 2005 to the family business.

The new CEO aims to boost the creation of a corporate structure for the management of J·Juan Group, with its production facilities in Gavá, Sant Cugat, China, India and, soon, in Mexico. With this, it is expected to double production capacity in response to customers demand. This is an encouraging challenge that positions the leading company in meshed hydraulic hoses at the forefront of brake technology.

J·Juan Group is today the OEM supplier of the major number of motorcycle Brands, with 80 clients all over the world. Its reliable solutions are equipping the 90% of occidental motorbikes, and the request keeps growing. The enlargement of the production capacity in the three big areas (Europe, China and India) has been essential to respect the needs of the customer requests, allowing J·Juan to quickly grow, moving from a turnover of 30 millions in 2014 to a 43,5 millions forecast at the end of 2016, with an increase of 40% in only two years!

Gerencia y equipo directivo de J.Juan Group


In the old Delphi plants in Sant Cugat, for which the agreement of reindustrialisation has been signed on last November, J·Juan will localize all its European production of brakes working in the Gavá with the production of hydraulic mesh pipe, tubes and cables, the products that affirmed J.Juan worldwide reputation in the two wheels sector. For the plant of Gavá, the acquisition of the old Delphi plants represents the maximum tip in a year of investments and operative and production growth.

The beginning of 2016 assisted to the upgrade of the production capacity of the Chinese factory in Jiaxing, located in the area of Zhejiang, just 100 kilometres far from Shanghai, and the celebration during the year of its tenth anniversary from birth. With a productivity report of 100.000 euros for each employed, J.Juan China is gaining a very important weight in the Asian market.

At the end of August, J.Juan has inaugurated the factory for the production of motorcycle brakes in Jalgaon (India). This plant, property of the worldwide corporation of car brakes Chassis Brake International, has been structured following the technical instructions of J.Juan, that supplied its technological and know-how skills in this sector. The Indian factory will produce the brakes branded KBX and J. Juan for the Indian market, where 12 million motorbikes are produced every year.

Among other things, in India occurred also the biggest technological success of this year for the enterprise of Gavá. Its CBS system (Combined Brake System) has been one of the biggest news of the market, as the orders received by the most prestigious Brands of the Asian market demonstrate.

Mª Ángeles, José Luis y Carlos Juan


So, today, beginning of 2017, after years of effort and leadership, Mª Angeles and Carlos Juan put their trust in the younger brother of the family to take leadership of a company that is following its transformation. Thus, the two key pieces of success that the group experiences today give way to the new generations, always reinforcing the near change. Under the Vice-President role, Mª Angeles and Carlos are undoubtedly the figures indicated to help and advise the new director given their maximum authority in the matter and the global reputation they have acquired in the motorcycle sector.

The transformation of the Group in last years has led the company of Gavá to be a world leader in the manufacturing of meshed hydraulic hoses, and at the same time has positioned itself as the second brand of brakes within the European panorama. The efforts and dedication of a family business that celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 2015, has led the group to double its turnover in the last eight years, a challenge now facing José Luis Juan, who calculates to multiply by two again the numbers in 2020.