J.Juan will attend the Hellas Rally (Greece, from 9 to 15 of May) to present its new competition braking system for the ATV’s. For that, J·Juan Racing will attend the Rally with a Ca-Am Renegade 800 driven by Alex Feliu.

This test has been chosen for the terrain in which it will be held. The isle of Euboea -old Negroponte- is perfect to check the reliability, flexibility and endurance of this completely new braking for ATV, with the purpose to implement the competitiveness, “including Renegade”, says Alex Feliu.

This new braking system developed at the Gavà plant, is a system that enhances braking performance even in extreme mountain situations. It is an evolution of the Speed and Off Road systems produce be the second European factory of motorcycles braking system also providing the technology equipping the American bikes. This new line will enter the US market in 2017/2018.

During the Rally duration, scoring and transition sections, the independent telemetry process incorporating the new system will allow to accurately evaluate the braking behavior. Thus it evolve into analyze the performance.

Alex Feliu -Rider- y Chema Garcia Castañeda –Team Manager- have contributed to this development thanks to their experience and professionalism realized in years of competition with ATV, UTV and Quads. The Team, leading Juan Antonio Cuadrado and Jordi Creus, has applied very innovative technological solutions that reaffirm J·Juan as a worldwide reference in the braking system. J·Juan id present on the 90% of the West motorcycles Brands with production plants in Spain, China and India.