The CA-AM Renegade 800 capsized at 7 km from the finish line because of the direction.

J·Juan Racing Team competing in the Rally of Hellas (Greece, from 10 to 15 of May) still leads in the ATV category, although Alex Feliu, the rider of the Ca-Am Renegade 800, capsized near the finish line because of a blow in the direction folded and that cost him significant minutes.

Until that moment, Alex Feliu was positioned in the top 30 overall rally led by Gerard Farrés, a rider sponsored by Braktec -the motorcycle off-road Brand of J·Juan-. Hardness test today at Hellas Rally, with a second stage with an average speed of 220 km, covered by Farrés at the medium speed of 30 km/hour .
To note also the excellent work of the Team of Technicians of J·Juan Racing displaced to Greece to make every day the operational machine leave and check that the new settings made on the braking system enhanced to a touch of perfection, power and mordant brake.

The second round
The second round of the Hellas Rally was divided into a small connection of just 10 km that gave way to a special of 90 km taking the riders to the village of Vasilika and a neutralization of half an hour to give respite to participants.
J·Juan Racing and Alex on this stretch has done a good job and was already closed to the top 30 of the overall standings having scratched a few minutes to the nearest quad sport, which gave the team hope for the day and the promise in terms of sporting performance.

The second step of the Rally was somewhat longer, 130 km in total, but even more punishing the riders with very stony areas, deep ruts and really narrow tracks. In fact it has been in an area with a lot of stone where the Ca-Am Renegade ridden by Alex has suffered several problems. The first intermittent was a power failure of gasoline and the second was a hard tap on the right wheel addressing him on that side .
From that moment, Alex has tried to continue for the remaining 20 km to reach the goal. At 7 km from the finish line he capsized fortunately without physical consequences, but letting him more than an hour and a half on the track trying to solve the problem.

Finally in a display of honor and with blows with stones, he managed to straighten the rod enough to reach the line and still lead its category.
For today’s third round, the organization has already warned that it will still be tougher than the second and have decided to cut the last 40 km planned to leave only 230 km of special.
Between of the Team members is reigning calm and hope that luck will be on their side.