The fuel pump has been the brake stage

Racing days at Rally of Hellas are running and the tests on the new competition braking system are getting tougher. Yesterday the Renegade 800 suffered a problem to the fuel pump. Once solved, the rider immediately started to fight to keep the leadership of the ATV category.

The solution came thanks to the intellect of our Team! A move giving us the chance to look at the following stages with much optimism.

Again, with the sun barely outperforming its rays, we were on the road to the exit to accompany our rider. This time we went near Edipsos with a route of 16 km until a path that would take the ride to the northern part of the island of Euboea and then go leaving behind mountains and valleys to a gas station between Strofilia and Kirinthos.

For us, it was an adventure getting there by the “highways” and look to this beautiful island. For the riders it was a hell lasting 130 km. It was enough to look to their faces and to the scars on the vehicles. A real hard route designed by Meletis Stamatis, the organizer of the event. In fact he again decided to cut the second stage with 30 km, to allow the bivouac to arrive before the laggards riders.

Alex did what he had to do and again in the first 75 km started an epic comeback led by their eagerness to prove that nothing can with us. But once again we have met the harsh reality. The fuel pump during this rally fails when heated and is usually played in the same distance or hours of competition. And it will not let the vehicles exceed the 30 km/h.

Again, the mid speed of the first swords were below 40 km/h and Svitko and Farrés took 3 hours to make the first special of 130 km.

The good news is that we found immediately what happened to the Renegade and the Team worked to create a temporary amc quick solution.

David López and Juan Antonio Cuadrado were simply amazing and no other parts than an old original gasoline pump, cables and a pair of tubes let them produced a “bypass” in the internal reservoir that help to solve the problem.

The solution? We will have in tomorrow’s stage in which certainly there will be no assistance or point refueling since about 6am where all riders must be on the ferry taking them to the continent to play the special. The Teams attending the Rally of Hellas will certainly take the opportunity to rest.

Fingers crossed!