Hellas Rally ended with a huge sense of satisfaction for a very well done job. Alex Feliu, our rider, had clear instructions to finish the test over a good result. And both purposes have been achieved.

Meanwhile, J·Juan Racing had a real test for the evolution of new ATV and UTV brakes to be implemented next year. And the results have been extraordinary.

After six months of preparation, on last Tuesday the competition started. The strong job to have the Renegade 800 Ca-AM in the perfect asset has been really intense and, above all, the new brakes are a real evolution (although our riders speak of revolution!).

The choice of a Renegade 800 was meaning a lower chance of victory because it was heavier and less sporty than the other competing vehicles. But it brought vision on the real. It is a recreational vehicle with great success and we had to test the brakes on a model that could be understood as “popular”.

We have choosen the Hellas Rally because it is, arguably, the event to better stress the braking systems because of its twisty executory and quick ways from rugged mountains to the sea. And there are not mistakes. The rally has been a great torture for all participants as evidenced by the large number of retirements incurred during the days.

The race.
From the same Tuesday 10, Alex Feliu confirmed that we were on the right way. “No other brakes as these, able to curb a weight of 300 kilos with a single finger. It allowed me to push to the limit, testing braking, winning times where I did not think so. It is a breakthrough.” Not surprisingly, Alex just closed that stage leading the classification of ATV and with serious chance to catch the leader of the Quads.

Our Renegade, with the ride of Alex, appeared very competitive and combative. Only a problem to the fuel pump let the team not reach the finish line at the top of the round.

Everything was demonstrating the hardness of the route. As shown, the leader Gerard Farres, riding a KTM KT450 reached the averaged speed of only 40 km/h. He tooks 4 hours and 50 minutes to travel the 288 km of the round.

The second stage reconfirmed auspiciousness what we warned on Tuesday. Again, the brakes response was brilliant, effective and efficient, to the point that other competitors have requested us to what they understood as a competitive advantage. Alex managed to let the Renegade quicker matching the the curves and got what he wanted where he wanted.

Once again, only some problem to the gasoline pump which kept out power to the vehicle in the remaining part of the round, prevented to consolidate the progress achieved in the previous three quarters of the round. But the goal, as we said at the beginning, was not to win but to stress the brakes. Therefore, the feeling of success and job well done was a tonic for the J·Juan Racing team.

Not surprisingly, the full telemetric systems installed on the Renegade 800, objectively confirmed in detail the feelings of Alex Feliu.

The next round of our particular rally was focusing to equip the Renegade 800 with other brakes manufactured in J·Juan only a year earlier, much better than brakes usually equipping the ATV but without recent developments. Again, Alex Feliu and telemetry confirmed the improvement we have made.

We had also to solve the problem of making a fuel pump bypass more typical of McGiver style as per the precariousness of the elements. The “invention” worked and once again the Reegade could complete a stage without any decline in the last part of the test.

Again, on Saturday, we could verify the efficiency and effectiveness of our system of braking. “I’ve been advancing riders has long as he did not” declared Alex Feliu . “I have raced with this vehicle for five years and I’ve never been so fast and that is thanks to the brakes allowing me to push to the limit.”

The success of a good preapration.

From our point of view, the biggest success of this attendance is that we have seen that any user of an ATV can now compete with chances of success in any test.

From day one, there in November 2015, when we decided to participate in the Rally of Hellas, we established the rule that the only competitive component to be used during the race had to be our evolved brakes. We had to prove that the efforts of our engineers and of our factory brought a big value to the vehicle.

To our hydraulic brake pumps, specially developed for ATV and Quad applications, we add our whole system of hydraulic tubes and a ultra-compact caliper, lightweight and efficient brake thus achieving both a very powerful braking but with extreme modularity and precisely, the rider decided at all times as slow with little effort, something very important in such demanding applications as a rally like this.

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