J·Juan has celebrated its 10th anniversary in China throught a special event with the attendance of 150 guests representing the most important companies of the two-wheels in China, both manufactures and components.
The plant, actually managed by Jaume Rosines, 32 years old man from Barcelona, counts on OEM world-class customers as the north-amircan Polaris, Bombardier, Articat. In his consolidation as eastern industrial reality, J·Juan China has achieved in the last two years the confidence of the undisputed leaders of the motorcycle industries in Asia as Kymco, CF Motos, Loncin and others.

J·Juan decided in 2006 to establish its own plant of 8,000 sqm. in Jiaxing, without Asiatic partners, to forward its customer’s needs – with the purpose to growth in China. The bet, which someone regarded as very risky, has been declared a great success. However, the bulk of production of J·Juan is still done in Europe, while China is assuming the 20% ​​of the production of the Group.

The holiday return is becoming a rush to J·Juan both for the celebration of the 10th anniversary of J·Juan China and for the inauguration –held on last 29th of Septmber – of the plant Chassis Brake International in Jalgaon (India), built with the technical criteria of J·Juan for the production of motorcycle brakes branded KBX and J·Juan in India.