Chassis Brake International (CBI) inaugurated the new factory dedicated to motorycles brake systems in Jalgaon (India) on last 29th of August. The plant has been structured and planned under the technical supervision of the Spanish company J·Juan, the second European manufacturer of motorcycle brake systems, who is bringing the expertise and know-how of production technology for motorcycles brakes.

CBI, the multinational company manufacturer of automotive brakes, makes a giant leap to produce motorcycles systems in a market, the Indian one, very competitive and with a production of 15 million bikes per year.

The plant, which is integrating all processes – smelting, mechanization and montage – “has been established, so they can make the brakes as any plant of J·Juan” declared Juan Antonio Cuadrado, Business Manager of the Brake Unit of the company of Barcelona.

On last Monday 29th, the official opening of the factory has been dedicated to customers to let them know how the installation works in real time, although the plant is already producing from several weeks. “The products we manufacture have been developed by the technical center of J·Juan in Gavá” stated Juan Antonio Cuadrado, and they will leave the factory under the brands Kalyani Brakes (KBX) (a historical Indian brand owned by CBI) and J·Juan.

The Indian market produces 15 million motorcycles annually. Only in the second quarter of 2016 (April, May, June), 3.5 million new motorcycles has been produced. To better understand the dimension of the figures we must take into account that in Japan on 2015 there were 522,394 motorcycles, according to Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association; in Europe there were 511,375, according to the European Association Manufacturers of Motorcycle; in the United States a total of 500,678 motorcycles were sold, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council.

India is a macro motorcycle market.  Indian motorcycles have a large presence all over the world. Some of its main -Bajaj, Hero, Mahindra, Royal Enfield or TVS- selling brands are leaders both in India and in Asia and even in South America. Chassis Brake International is one of the leading automobile brakes companies. It is the heir to the brake division of Robert Bosch GmbH -which was acquired by an investor group in June 2012- and legendary Bendix.

CBI employs worldwide a number of 5,300 workers. It operates in 15 countries in the 5 continents. The company is headquartered in Netherlands, although the bulk of its activities are carried out in France. Pune is the headquarters of India where CBI keeps plants in Jalgaon, Manesar and Sitarganj.