• Historia JJUAN

    1947 – THE BEGINNING

    Foundation of Talleres Jose J.Juan and beginning activities

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    1965 – THE SOCIETY

    Constitution of the Incorporation J.JUAN, S.A. Main activity: control cables for motorcycles

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    1970/1980 – CONSOLIDATION

    Leader on control cables for motorcycles in Spain.

    Crisis in the motorcycle sector in Spain. Beginning of export activity for Honda and Yamaha in Europe.

    Constitution of ‘Montajes y Acabados’, Group Company..

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    1990/2000 – EXPANSION

    Export expand on the Italian market, supplying to Piaggio, Aprilia, Ducati among others. EuropeanLeader on control cables for motorcycles.

    Beginning of the activity on the flexible hose manufacturing because of the technological change in brake systems. ISO 9001 Certification.

    European Leader in flexible hoses and control cables for motorcycles. Beginning of the activity of engineering and vac&fill of the entire brake system.

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    Beginning of the activity of the factory in China, CCS.

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    2008 – DEVELOPMENT

    Creation of R&D department of JJuan brake system.

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    2011 – AJP & BRAKTEC

    Adquisition of AJP, industrial.
    Opening of the Braktec factory.

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    2012 – J.JUAN USA

    Constitution of J.Juan USA.

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    2013 – J.JUAN INDIA

    Constitution of J.Juan India

  • 2015 – Chassis Brakes Inter,

    Technological agreement with CBI

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    New brand of racing brake systems J.Juan Racing