Type: Radial 2P Front
Nb of pistones: 4
Ø Pistones bore: Ø25 to Ø27
Fixation:  Radial
Applications: Road Low CC, Supermotard

Type: Fix 1P Rear
Nb of pistones: 2
Ø Nb of pistones: Ø30
Fixation:  Axial
Applications: Scooter, maxiscooter 2 and 3 wheels

Type: Radial 2P Front monoblock, 4 pads
Nb of pistons: 4
Ø Pistons bore: Ø34
Anclaje: Radial
Aplicaciones: Road High CC

Type: Fix 1P Rear
Nb of pistons: 2
Ø Pistons: Ø32
Fixation: Axial
Applications: Road High CC